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Zoe Twitt

With a father in the textile industry, Zoe Twitt travelled the world at a young age. Observing everything around her — people, places, countries and cultures — it’s no wonder she found herself choosing a creative, design-oriented career.

This spring, embracing her first accessory collection, the fashion designer is ecstatic about her upcoming offerings. And with a percentage of proceeds benefiting the Happy Hearts fund we definitely feel it sets the right tone for a spring awakening.

Tucked away in her Fifth Avenue studio, Twitt lines both walls with her latest creations — one side with her fabulous new necklaces, the other with her delicate, feminine clothing line. “It’s somewhat of a camouflaged eclectic look,” says the 26-year-old Australian as we begin to go through her rings. Most of the items, which feature rock crystals — often dyed with colour to add a little spunk — remind Twitt of “the empress powerful,” as they tend to appear romantic while simultaneously evoking a sense of a vigour. “A lot of collections these days tend to be influenced by the media,” says Twitt. “I didn’t want to do anything like that.” Her design process centres around a more, in-the-moment attitude rather than a theme.

“I always design around a particular mood,” says Twitt with her crisp, Australian accent. Somewhat spiritual in an easy-going way, the designer will wear her items around herself if they have been hooked up on the walls too long. “I don’t want them to just hang there with no one wearing them,” she says. Made of all recycled metals and vintage chains, one could call Twitt’s collection “eco-friendly,” but more than a gimmick, the green aspect is something Twitt feels is an intrinsic part of her design ethos.

Most of the rings and necklaces from her new collection can be layered and worn with basically any ensemble. Twitt’s favourite item — The Empress Headband — is a headband lined with white crystals, which was inspired by an age-old Native American belief. “They say that when you wear pieces around your head, they can draw creative energy through you,” explains Twitt.

Despite being her first offering, Twitt’s collection didn’t fail at developing a signature aesthetic. So, who is the Zoe Twitt wearer? “It’s a lot of different people,” says Twitt as she focuses her attention on the question. “She is sweet and feminine, but a little edgy,” she says, knowing the core of her creations are meant for individuals not only for a specific market.

Today, Twitt has an upcoming collaboration with October Anniversary, two clothing collections and a new accessory line under her belt, which means she has a lot to look forward to. A former actress, we are certainly glad that she decided to share her design talent with the world while simultaneously giving back.

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