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Heather Hubbard

Can you describe your background in the fashion industry? I studied fashion marketing at the Art Institute of Seattle. After graduation, I moved to LA where I became Sittings Editor for Ingenue Magazine. Soon after, I began styling and buying for a local women’s RTW and Accessory chain retailer. In 2006 I moved to NYC where I was hired as an in-house stylist for Vera Wang. After Vera, I worked for a small up and coming showroom where I learned how to develop a brand from early stages of design through creative guidance and a well thought out retail strategy. In 2008, I went freelance, which led me to launching my own company.

What brands do you currently rep at the HH Productions showroom? Dana-Maxx,  femme d’armes, Hare + Hart, Mechar, and Waldrip. I like to keep our client roster small. We are a very personalized service, which requires a focused attention on each brand.

Can you describe a typical day on the job? I wear many hats! My days are a combination of meetings with clients, reviewing design details, following up with retailers, styling a look book, appointments with buyers, and/or planning strategies and budgets for the upcoming season.

You’ve been on all sides of the business, what aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? I love that my job is never boring! Every experience of my career past, present, and future allows me to grow, and that is something I really value. Having the knowledge of buying, styling, marketing, merchandising, and development helps me to better understand the industry and plan accordingly.

You live in New York, but are a native Californian—in your opinion, how does fashion and the fashion industry differ from coast to coast? I love the casual bohemian vibe of LA but I find women in New York have more of an individual sense of style, whereas LA is very much a defined look.

Do you have a favourite NYC shopping destination? I like to support local business! Otte, Curve, Assembly, and Scoop are all great shops based here in NYC.  For jewellery, I treasure the Hells Kitchen flea market every Saturday and Sunday.

What trends are you most excited about for Spring 2013? Ha- It’s funny you ask because I have been in Fall 2013 design meetings all week so my head is on AW trends of next year.  For SS13, I am really feeling Grunge Glamour!  A throw back, I guess, to my Seattle days and love of Nirvana!

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